Monday, September 12, 2011

The Word from High

The Word

From the heaven's far above
The Word from High was sent
Bearing the message of Love
For all precious souls to repent

Isaiah saw what was to come
And John said he was the 'One'.
Few of Jacob's own did welcome
David's descendant, the 'Holy One'

He was the 'Son of Man', Amen!
'The Bread of Life', he said 'I AM'
He taught them to be fishers of men
The Good News to sons of Abraham.

He made the blind men to see,
And raised to life again, the dead.
The oppressed, he came to set free
Li'l did they know, for them he bled.

Of Him did the Psalmist say,
'My servant won't rot in the grave'
He did rise up on the third day
For this he had come, to save.


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  1. hello. i am a christian singer and was interested in this poem. Are you interested in selling this poem or allowing me to use this song? thanks for your time