Sunday, September 4, 2011

John Rambo Review

Rambo is one of the few classic action characters that have stood the test of time. The man who speaks few words, blows up things and kills all the baddies is a hero for all action movie lovers. With 3 successful Rambo movies in the 80's, Sylvester Stallone's attempt to make a come back with a 4th sequel was also seen as an attempt to revive his film career. Well he does manage to pull it off. Even with  the success of Rocky Balboa in 2006, there was a certain skepticism about the relevance of bringing back a 60+ Vietnam war veteran in a more sophisticated world. Though the idea might have seemed unrealistic, once you see the bulked up Stallone in perfect shape doing what he's really good at on screen, all those doubts fade away. "Live for nothing or Die for something", an aged but angry Rambo says, holding a bow ready to pull an arrow aimed at a mercenaries face.
In the latest plot,  Rambo has been living a solitary life as a boatman and catching poisonous snakes for a living.When a few Christian missionaries seek his assistance in taking them to Burma to provide the persecuted Karen tribe with prayer books and medical supplies, John Rambo, takes them in his boat, though he initially refuses, due to the persistence of Sarah, the only lady missionary among the group.However, Rambo is not fully convinced that they would be able to make any change. He drops them off at a location after having faced a violent confrontation with Burmese pirates. A few days later he is visited by the pastor of the church that sent the human rights group, who informs him that they never returned back, and he requests Rambo's help in dropping off a few hired mercenaries at the same spot where the group was left. What follows is a non stop ride of extreme action where in the process of rescuing the hostages, you'll come to see the bloodiest scenes that could happen in war and may action maniacs a huge adrenaline rush. For some it might simply look like a bloody action movie with explicit images, but for those who understand John Rambo and love some old school  action, you won't be disappointed. Its a thrill of a ride with the maximum kills in any Rambo movie and a worthy ending to the series.

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