Friday, August 10, 2012

Yes, it is possible to make money online.

Is it possible to make money online? That's a question I asked myself many times in the past and the solution is one that I can attest to myself. I`ll never forget the day when I lost $2000 in a matter of minutes by gambling. That was money which I had saved by working a couple of months. I was trying to get rich fast and like any other wild gambler, I was gambling impulsively and throwing more money to recover my losses till I reached the point of no return and had to call it quits.I was crushed for about 15 minutes, but then I bounced back.

The first lesson that I taught myself was that I needed to emotionally detach myself from money. To make money you need to know how it feels like losing it because, often life throws the unexpected at you and you need to fight back. I like to inspire anyone reading this to follow their dreams and remind them that there is always an opportunity right at the corner and that you can always start fresh with a clean slate. That's how the greatest people who lived became successful. I have personally been inspired by reading books like "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" , "The Secret", etc. which have really helped me to change my thought processes, gain deep financial insights and start making actions.

Now, back to my story. It took me about 6 months from my gambling misadventure to figure out one way to earn money online. I tried several things and lost some money to actually learn to finally make some real money, thanks to my Dad.