Monday, September 5, 2011

Casino Royale Review

The year is 2006 and we have a new Bond and he's blonde. EON productions decision to reboot the franchise by taking the character back to its roots with a new actor might have not been a bad idea after all. In fact, it was a good one, Casino Royale was one of the top grossing Bond movies of all time when it was released. During the Brosnan era, it was unimaginable to think of a replacement. He was the perfect Bond and had brought a unique style to the character and a renewed interest among younger audiences.

After Die Another Day, when it was confirmed that Pierce Brosnan would not be reprising his famous role of the spy who saves the world, the ball fell into English actor Daniel Craig's court. Martin Campbell who launched Brosnan in his first Bond outing was also chosen to direct Craig in Casino Royale. Though there seemed to be many who doubted his casting as the super spy, Daniel Craig proved them wrong. 
His success lay in the fact that the character was made as realistic as possible, he fit the role of a cold blooded assassin convincingly earning his Double O status, making occasional mistakes and  showing a strong emotional side which still needs to be tamed. Daniel Craig's Bond is similar to the likes of Timothy Dalton in that the character possesses the much needed seriousness and unpredictability in taking actions.  Craig is definitely the new generation Bond, only some of his gadgets seem to be missing.

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