Friday, September 16, 2011

Goodbye to the Past

Goodbye  to all  that's  now  past
Nothing but  dark  shadows  cast
Life  can  seem  to  be a  tragedy,
If  not understood  in  its entirety

I  wish  I could  dream  endlessly,
And  live  life  a  little  carelessly
It   seems  nothing  lasts  forever,
Fading like  the color of a flower

I was living far away from reality,
All I wanted was a bit of velocity
Time  seemed to  stretch too long,
And things  seem'd to go so wrong

When  your life is  at  a  standstill,
Death can paralyze your own will
The struggles will keep you down,
And you can't help but just frown

But now I'll do this for those I love,
Fly high above  the sky like a dove
To the whole world  now signalling,
That  this is a brand new beginning



  1. Exactly! Gosh, like my own thoughts... I like this poem :)

  2. Nice one Raziel,
    NOW is always the beginning of any future ,
    Past now is only signs of success to follow, or
    failure to avoid ..

    keep up the good talking

  3. thats me mate.....thats me...... keep writing...