Friday, September 30, 2011

The Silent Sufferer

The silent sufferer becomes  still
He holds his grief and sits down to think
Forced by the burden he carries within
He wonders how long must this go on?
A never ending show of pain and despair

A  sharp pain in his pounding chest
Reminds him of sorrow, his closest friend
He shuts his eyes and sees the dark
Only to be lit by images of his past
Flashing like bolts of lightning in the night

Life is a battle, thoughts can kill
If only the mind could be tamed to be still
He ponders for a while only to listen
To questions that arise from the depths
Of  doubt that engulf  his  troubled  mind

A gentle breeze blows on his face
Slowing down his overactive mind's pace
I have struggled  and 've come this far
Can't stop now knowing  there's more
A lifetime's worth, much I could still learn

The battlefield has been the mind
He creates silence by purging his thoughts
There is every reason for me to live
If not, I`ll spend the rest to find why?
And help others and be set free of mine

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